William Shatner Brilliantly Explains The Problem With “Social Justice Warriors”

I use the acronym “SJW” a lot.

It stands for Social Justice Warrior.

Now… It’s not that I have any issue with TRUE Social Justice…

I believe in equality of opportunity (not of results) and respect for our fellow man.

It’s that these so called SJWs don’t care about EQUITY… they care about VICTIMHOOD…

And that’s something conservatives simply won’t stand for.

So when someone asked William Shatner why he had an issue with “social justice” he PERFECTLY laid it out.

Shatner had this to say about some Twitter drama going on…

And someone asked him the following:

This question misses the point of “SJW”… but if it’s someone who doesn’t know all the weight behind it, then it could be a fair enough question.