Sen. Kamala Harris Bemoans The ‘Slaughter’ Of Our Babies, And It Goes Horribly Wrong For Obvious Reasons

Liberals are desperately using Florida’s horrific tragedy to push their political agenda. Sen. Kamala Harris is no exception.

She described how she’s seen photos of the aftermath of violence and suggested that pro-gun Americans would change their minds about the Second Amendment if they saw them too.

No one’s questioning how horrible this kind of violence is. No one is celebrating this. No one wants to see more of it. NO ONE. But her argument is completely absurd.

It’s like telling everyone to look at pictures of horrific car accidents and expecting them to take a stand against cars. That’s not how it works.

Besides, is Harris REALLY the right person to talk about the “slaughter” of our nation’s babies?

BINGO. And there are PICTURES, Kamala. Pictures of little arms and legs in petri dishes. Surely, you saw them. How do you feel about that?


Yep. And as far as abortion goes, most of these deaths could be prevented via legislation. Yet, Democrats do nothing. They whine about the NRA but accept actual blood money from Planned Parenthood.

Don’t ask me how they continue to justify that.

Kamala? Bernie? Nancy? Hillary? Lizzy? Anyone?