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    Anti-Trump Lindsey Vonn Gets Completely Humiliated During Olympic Run


    When Lindsey Vonn trashed President Trump the first time (in December), not long afterward she suffered an injury while training for the 2018 winter Olympics. Her anti-American views put a sour taste in the mouths of millions of red-blooded, hard-working patriotic Americans. It ignited quite the controversy online, which helped identify Vonn as another anti-American […]

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    We Got Him: DEA Finally Busts Top MS-13 Leader


    Trump’s tough talk on immigration was a godsend to those who’ve longed for the United States to finally protect its own border. For decades, both parties have pussyfooted around the illegal question, opting to kick the can down the round while the country has been invaded by the tens of millions. But securing our border […]

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    Trump To Save Taxpayers $357M By Removing Top Item Bought With Food Stamps


    Earlier in the month, the Trump administration released a brilliant new alternative to food stamps. Instead of giving out cash to recipients, they want to provide food boxes that include much-needed staples. This change would still provide food to the needy, but save taxpayers a fortune. Naturally, Democrats are outraged. They claim this change would […]

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    SPREAD THIS: These 10 Democrat Senators Are Up For Re-Election… FIRE THEM


    President Donald Trump needs reinforcements in the senate. And he has a massive opportunity to replace obstructionist liberals with Republicans. There are 10 Democrat senators that are up for re-election in states that Trump claimed victory in during the 2016 election — he will potentially be able to counter out establishment Republican senators with small-government […]

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    NY Mets Call Up Tim Tebow Day After His Mom Gave Epic Pro-Life Speech


    Tim Tebow was and still is admired by millions as the former NFL player who always attributed his successes to his Christian faith and wasn’t afraid to display it in a very public fashion. His strong faith earned him an equal number of haters (mostly liberals and atheists) as they couldn’t stand watching him mix […]

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    Russian Money Trail Tied To Trump-Hating Maxine Waters Accounts

    As you may or may not know by now, it has practically become routine for California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters to call for the impeachment of President Trump due to his alleged ties to Russia. However, interestingly enough, it turns out Waters has a rather large sum of money tied to Russia…via investments. That’s right.  According to Got News, Waters’most recently available […]

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    Two Year Study Of Gun Owners Exposes Dem’s Gun Control Narrative As Nonsense


    The left somehow gets away with portraying responsible gun owners as a myth. Despite the evidence, liberals love to portray law-abiding American citizens as too ignorant and too irresponsible to be trusted with the protections of the Second Amendment. The Atlantic’s David Frum called “the myth of the ‘responsible gun owner” “the biggest obstacle to gun […]

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    Sen. Kamala Harris Bemoans The ‘Slaughter’ Of Our Babies, And It Goes Horribly Wrong For Obvious Reasons


    Liberals are desperately using Florida’s horrific tragedy to push their political agenda. Sen. Kamala Harris is no exception. She described how she’s seen photos of the aftermath of violence and suggested that pro-gun Americans would change their minds about the Second Amendment if they saw them too. This cannot be a political issue. We have […]

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    Voter Fraud Texas AG: Non-Citizen Voting Is “Significant Problem”


    There is a “significant problem” with non-citizens illegally voting in our elections, according to just-released information from the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton concerning voter fraud! Late Monday afternoon, Paxton announced that his office has new voter fraud plans. They will curb what he frames as an epidemic of in-person and mail-in voter […]

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    5 Gun Control Facts Anti-Gun Democrats And Liberal Media Try To Hide


    Brian Thomas writes that Black Rifle Coffee Company has a new commercial about gun control and “law-abiding criminals” that is sure to make you laugh, assuming you’re not a gun-fearing liberal who actually believes the lies from the left about how gun control will make the country safer. Army veteran Mat Best is well known for […]

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    Lib ‘The View’ Producers Flip Out As McCain Rips On Behar For Disgusting “Christian Mental Illness” Comment


    I was SICKENED by Joy Behar’s comment that Vice President Mike Pence’s faith was “mental illness.” What is WRONG with this woman?!?!! How DARE she? Pence’s response was measured, respectful, and absolutely perfect. Of course the women went off on how UNFAAAAIR his comments were. Because blah blah they’re so respectful and tolerant blah. Respectful and […]